Bin Compensation Petition

Bin Compensation Campaign Launch 

Many residents in Birmingham have contacted us in anger at the on-going bin dispute. It has caused chaos for nearly two years now. 

Some people have had to wait over 6 weeks for a collection, at times.

Rubbish pilling up on streets, rats breeding and all the while the Labour council fails to resolve the situation. 

That's why we are launching a campaign calling on the council to give local residents like you and your family compensation for the bad service you have received.

You can sign it here: or below 

Please do share the link with your friends, family and in local community groups. 

You can get involved with the campaign here:

Bin Dispute Compensation Petition

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Labour-run Birmingham City Council has offered payment to striking bin men. Given it is the residents of Birmingham who have suffered most we believe they also deserve compensation. We the undersigned call on the Labour administration on Birmingham City Council to provide residents with compensation for the disruption and inconvenience caused by ongoing bin disputes that have been going now for almost two years. Residents have suffered failing service while council tax has rocketed by over 24%.

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