Do you want to stop illegal encampments? Then sign the petition.

More and more local residents have raised concerns about illegal encampments on public open spaces and other areas in the city.


We believe everyone should be welcome in this city as long as they are law-abiding and have respect for other residents and visitors.


Behaviour which blocks public access to parks, intimidates residents, damages property and leaves behind mess that has to be cleared at taxpayers’ expense should not be tolerated from anyone regardless of their background.


Preventing illegal incursions, and evicting illegal encampments as quickly as possible requires a robust joint response by both the Council and the Police.


Too often the response is too slow and too variable across the city. This encourages those intent on acting in this way to come to Birmingham and moving around the city roaming free from park to park.


That’s why we are asking people to sign our petition. We want the council to get a City-wide injunction which allows them to move them on from illegal encampments quickly. 


Together, we can put pressure on the Council to take action. The more signatures we get from residents like you, the more pressure we can put on the Council to take action.

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We call on Birmingham City Council to -

-        Work with the West Midlands Police to adopt a zero tolerance approach to all unauthorised encampments, ensuring all existing powers are used to evict trespassers as soon as possible

-        Instruct Officers to prepare a case for a city wide injunction against unauthorised encampments and fly-tipping to enable the speedy removal of such encampments

-        Instruct Officers to see what more can be down to recover costs through the courts from trespassers for the associated legal fees, repairs to property and cleaning costs

-        Proactively work with local communities and ward councillors to identify areas vulnerable to trespass and install measures to deter unauthorised encampments

-        Promote clearer reporting mechanisms for residents so that swift action can be taken at the first sign of unauthorised encampments being set up