Exempt Accommodation - Have Your Say!

Birmingham Conservatives have been campaigning against the rise in Exempt accommodation. Now the Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (LUHC) Committee has recently launched an inquiry into exempt accommodation – a type of supported housing that is exempt from Housing Benefit rules limiting rents to particular levels.

This type of accommodation is used to house a range of people with support needs, such as homeless people, people who have been at risk of domestic abuse, prison leavers, and those recovering from alcohol and drug addiction.

Exempt accommodation can be provided by housing associations, charities, or community interest companies. Providers can also rent homes from managing agents who run the service on their behalf. Costs of the accommodation are met through Housing Benefit, with local authorities recovering some or all of the costs from the Department for Work and Pensions.

Should you wish to submit your own evidence you can do so by clicking here.

The Birmingham Conservative Group will be submitting a response and we want to ensure your views are included before we do! Fill in this short survey and help inform our response.


Exempt Accommodation Enquiry - Have Your Say

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Have you experienced any problems relating to EA’s in your area?
Have you noticed an increase in the number of EA’s in your area?
If Yes, has this had a positive or negative impact in your neighbourhood?
If you replied to say it had a negative impact which of these would best describe the impact.
Do you think the Council is doing enough to tackle the increase in Exempt Accommodation?
EA is exempt from planning rules due to a clause in the 2004 Housing Act do you support this being removed so that EA would require planning permission?
The Council has announced it is going to buy some family houses and convert them to temporary and EA do you support this?
Would you support the Council instead using the money to buy up EA and convert it to single dwelling family housing?