High Street Bank Closures - Have Your Say

Like many, we are concerned about the increasing number of High Street banks closing. That's why we are seeking views on the impact of high street bank closures and on possible solutions to this, including a shared banking facility where different banks could offer services out of a single high street location.

As more and more high street banks close their doors, favouring online and city centre locations, there is increasing concern about how certain groups can continue to access vital services as well as the wider impact on other high street shops as fewer people are drawn there. However and wherever you currently do your banking we would appreciate a few minutes of your time to answer the questions below which will help us develop policy ideas and push for changes to ensure that everyone can access the services they need when they need to.

Cllr Peter Fowler added: "I know there has been a lot of concern about the closures of High Street banks and the impact this has had on the vulnerable as well as on the High Street more generally. I think what is needed are practical solutions based on listening to the local community, so as to properly understand the potential impact these closures would have on them and to see what people think of alternatives, such as a single High Street hub that has been trialled elsewhere in the country."

You can fill in the survey here - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfRnUjII6vD7ltvOn-4DqZPfGKEW1Q…