Join The Fight To Scrap The Kings Heath LTN

The Labour-led Council introduced the Low Traffic Neighbourhood in Kings Heath in a bid to lower the amount of emissions being released in suburban areas in and around  Kings Heath High Street; instead, it has resulted in more traffic and, in turn, more emissions being released from cars stuck in gridlock.

Headline 1

Kings Heath LTN

Above are just some of the examples of headlines that the Labour run Council keep ignoring! 

Not only has the L.T.N. caused delay and disruption for the residents of Brandwood and Kings Heath, it has also caused ambulances and other emergency services to be forced to park far away from where they are critically needed and make the remaining journey on foot,  potentially causing lives to be at

"Despite residents fighting and speaking out on just how negatively the L.T.N has impacted their lives they seem determined to push ahead and ignore our views."

Michael McLernan and Nayaz Qazi - Billesley Local Campaigners

Residents are fighting back and you can join that fight too by adding your name to our petition below.



Scrap the Kings Heath LTN

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