Keep The Tunnels Open

The Labour ran Birmingham City Council has approved their Transport Plan 2031 and one of the measures in it could see the A38 Queensway Tunnels closed to vehicles. We want to keep the city moving and improve public transport so people have a genuine choice rather than being forced to not drive a car. 

Residents on the Birmingham Live articles covering the plan have said:

"Who on earth came up with this crazy idea? Traffic carnage is visible daily in Bham so closing the tunnel A38 is absolutely a crazy idea. No real Intelligent thought has gone into this ridiculous plan."

"If you run a small business, retail or restaurant etc then leave the city centre. I speak as a consultant to these type of operations. This is a death wish on all but the major operators."

"The death of a City, it’s a short sighted biased perspective of how to make the City viable, you won’t stop pollution but just move it. The time for such innovative ideas is when you have the alternative transport system In place."

Sign our petition below to send a message to the Council that the tunnels need to stay open and share the link on social media by clicking the icons above.

Keep The Tunnels Open

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