Keep Our Parks Free

Plans to continue to roll out car park charging at large parks could soon be reaching the Lickey Hills and Victoria Common.

Local campaigner Gary Sambrook - along with local councillors Debbie Clancy, Simon Morrall, Adrian Delaney and Eddie Freeman - will be working to stop these plans and make sure the parks remain free to access for everybody.

Not everyone can get there on public transport, especially somewhere like the Lickey Hills which isn’t well served by buses. For example,it takes 17 minutes to drive to the Lickey Hills from Weoley Castle. If you wanted to go on public transport, it would take
you an hour; you would have to take two different buses and still walk for over ten minutes. For someone with young children or limited mobility, this just wouldn’t be feasible – and just isn’t fair on local people. These parks should be for everyone to use and enjoy and not just for those who can afford it.

Please sign this petition to make your views clear to the City Council that our local parks should be free to use and accessible to all.

Keep Our Parks Free

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We the undersigned object to plans to charge for parking at both Lickey Hills and Victoria Common. We believe such charges would have a negative impact on local residents who use these green open spaces and provide a positive environment for both physical and mental wellbeing. We call on the City Counci to rethink these plans and to keep our parks open, free and accessible.