Over 900 people a year die from pollution related causes across Birmingham. Some of the most heavily polluted roads in our city are High Streets in the heart of our communities; others are the main roads so many people travel every day. That’s why we need to take action and that’s why we have a plan to deliver a cleaner, greener
and safer City.

Over the last five years Birmingham Labour have let the City down; locally in our City Labour have overseen fly tipping growing out of all control while they have made little progress on tackling air pollution and refuse to work jointly with the Police and West Midlands Mayor to make our neighbourhoods safer.

Birmingham is at a crossroads: we have the youngest City in the Country and are set to host the Commonwealth Games in 2022, yet our streets are covered in litter and the Council’s Labour administration has been subject to thirteen external inspectors for failings.

Birmingham needs a Council that has the vision and ambition to match and surpass the aspirations of residents over the next decade. That’s what we are putting to the people of Birmingham ahead of this years all out Council Elections - our vision for a Cleaner, Greener and Safer place to live.

Our Clean Air Plan for Birmingham