Scrap The Travel Tax

There can be nothing more basic to a healthy environment than the air we breathe. Air quality has improved significantly in recent decades. Since 1970, sulphur dioxide emissions have decreased by 95%, particulate matter by 73%, and nitrogen oxides by 69%. Total UK emissions of nitrogen oxides fell by a further 19% between 2010 and 2015. However, we know that in Birmingham, along with other major cities, the air we breathe in too many parts of the city is not clean enough, with an estimated 900 early deaths a year resulting from polluted air as well as exacerbating chronic health conditions.

We are clear that this is not a challenge we can shy away from but we are equally clear that we cannot punish those who acted in good faith by buying diesel vehicles under the encouragement of Gordon Brown, or vehicles that passed European laboratory tests that did not match up to real life conditions. Policies should be positive and not punitive, promoting behavioural change and technological advancement and not penalising those who have no choice.

If elected next May we will scrap the Travel Tax and introduce more effective measures to clean up the air in Birmingham. 

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