Tackling Nuisance Vehicles

One of the issues that we picked up across Birmingham during the recent Local Elections, and that you as residents contact us most about, is loud vehicles both on and off the road causing a nuisance. As a group, we are launching this consultation to get the solutions you would like to see. 


Please take 5 minutes to complete this short survey below. 


Nuisance Vehicles

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Have you experienced noise nuisance from people using off road motor bikes and other mechanically propelled vehicles such as quad bikes within Birmingham?
If you answered Yes, then how often in the last 12 months has this happened?
When this has happened where has it happened?
Would you support the introduction of a City-Wide Public Space Protection Order, which would give the police more powers to tackle problems caused by off road motor vehicles?
Do you think that noise triggered ANPR cameras in nuisance areas to catch those cars causing excessive noise is a good idea?
On sites where the issue happens frequently would you support more stringent defensive measures to prevent off-road vehicles from causing a nuisance and damage?