Make Your Voice Heard: Work Place Parking Levy

As part of Birmingham Labours manifesto and the City Council’s Transport Plan discuss the potential for the introduction of a workplace parking levy. 

Under the plans, employers would potentially be charged for each parking space they make available to employees. Employers could pass these costs on to their employees.

Calls for a tax on workplace parking in Birmingham have largely been inspired by a scheme that was introduced in Nottingham in 2012 as part of efforts, they said, to reduce traffic congestion in the city. The Nottingham model sees employers who provide more than 10 parking spaces for their staff pay about £400 every year to the city council for each space, with the charge increasing each year in line with inflation.

Our Plan Includes: Completing a study into introducing a workplace parking levy to invest in clean and green public transport.

Birmingham Labour Manifesto 2022-2026

We want to hear from residents and business leaders who would be impacted by the scheme so that we can ensure we make sure your views are heard in Council meetings when the decisions are being made. The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes and will have a real impact on the future of our great city. 

Similarly, parking policies such as introducing a Workplace Parking Levy, reflect the environmental and social cost of the use of private cars...

Birmingham Transport Plan, October 2021

If you are a resident then you can take the survey here.

If you are a business owner/leader then please take this alternative survey here.