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How many workplace parking spaces do you make available to employees in Birmingham? (It would be helpful if you could provide approximate space numbers by site if you operate from more than one site).
Are there any public transport alternatives available to your workplace locations in Birmingham?
WM Bike Hire
E-Scooter Scheme
Are any of your employees working shift rotas which make the use of public transport more problematic?
Would you support the introduction of a Workplace Parking Levy?
If a WPL was introduced where do you think your employees would be most likely to park instead of in your workplace car park?
For example you may park at a train station and ride into the City
For example leaving your car on the outskirts of the scheme on a road and then catching public trasnport into the City.
If a WPL was introduced would you be more likely to pay the charge or pass the levy on to employees?
If you passed the cost to staff do you think it will make it harder to recruit staff?
Do you think either passing the cost on or removing the on site parking will lead to needing to increase staff wages to compensate them?
Do you think the introduction of a WPL will lead to you cutting investment in the business?
Do you think the introduction of a WPL will lead to you reducing the number of staff you have?