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Do you currently drive to work and park in a space provided by your employer?
Are there any public transport alternatives available to use to get to your workplace?
WM Bike Hire
E-Scooter Scheme
Do you work shift rotas which make the use of public transport more problematic?
Would you support the introduction of a Workplace Parking Levy?
If a WPL was introduced where would you be most likely to park instead of in your workplace car park?
For example you may park at a train station and ride into the City
For example leaving your car on the outskirts of the scheme on a road and then catching public trasnport into the City.
If a WPL was introduced would it make you more or less likely to use other forms of transport other than a car to get to work?
Very Unlikely
Highly Likely
If a WPL was introduced would you be happy to pay the levy or would you expect your employer to pay it?
If a WPL was introduced would it make you look for a new job outside of Birmingham to avoid the WPL?
Highly Unlikely To Look For A New Job
Highly Likely To Look For A New Job