Candidates set out PCC priorities


Ahead of the first open primary hustings this week, Birmingham Conservatives ask our potential two candidates, Matt Bennett and Joe Tildesley, what their priorities would be for the Police and Crime Commissioner election in November.


Matt Bennett's priorities

“I want to send out a clear message - No crime, big or small, is acceptable.

If elected I pledge to:

1.    Take a zero tolerance approach to crime. No criminal should be able to think that they can get away with small crimes because the Police are not interested.

2.    Make resources available to crack down on antisocial behaviour hotspots. The most difficult areas need intensive policing and if extra support is required for this it must be made available

3.  Ensure the Police make strong objections to new alcohol licences where there are clear links between number of licensed premises and increases in crime and street drinking. Too many premises are approved where we know they will cause trouble and too many premises are allowed to continue flouting the law.

4.    Draw up a Contract with the Public, so that anyone who reports a crime or is the victim of a crime can expect a gold standard service. Too often crimes are reported but no feedback given on progress and this can lead to the belief that there is no point in reporting crimes

5.      Engage regularly with the public, by holding at least one formal public meeting per constituency per year as well as informal meetings with smaller groups and online Skype surgeries and Q& A sessions”


Joe Tildesley's priorities

"1.      Putting the Victims of Crime First

The victims of crime will be at the heart of everything I do. I will immediately appoint a Deputy Commissioner as a champion of the victim. Every offender needs to understand that criminal behaviour will have serious consequences.

2.      Cutting Crime

I will maintain a sustained reduction in the overall crime level the West Midlands. This can only be achieved by forging positive working relationships with all officers and staff to make sure they understand the need to patrol with purpose.

3.      Listening to Residents

I will listen and respond to the concerns of communities and residents groups. I pledge to be a visible, responsive and accountable PCC. I will hold an open meeting every fortnight at a different location across the breadth of the West Midlands.

4.      Value for Taxpayers

I will deploy resources over a four-year period in order to achieve savings, whilst delivering sustained improvement in front-line services. I will share resources, such as legal services and press liaison with the police forces that surround the West Midlands.

5.      More Police

I will increase the number of officers deployed on an operational basis. I will work towards the early return of the recruitment of police officers.

Further details about my priorities can be found on my website,"


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