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Human Rights

Aston Ward Conservative Candidate Mr Jahid Choudhury organised a Human Rights meeting at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham. Jahid, who has a special interest in Human Rights, invited leading representatives from ten organisations who each had an opportunity to speak. 


Jahid Choudhury recently organised a Benglasdeshi Community Event. The event was attended by local business people, Leader of the Conservative Group, Councillor Bobby Alden and Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate, Les Jones.

Rob hits back at ‘superficial’ £10.5m Centenary Square design

In recent days, the Council’s decision to approve the redevelopment of Centenary Square has provoked much criticism from residents and the city’s opposition parties. Whilst the space does need updating, I don’t understand how the council justifies spending £10.5 million of tax payer's money doing so - at a time when they are trying to convince voters that their budget isn’t going far enough to afford basic services.


Harborne Council candidate, Akaal Sidhu, has given his backing to Les Jones for the role of Police and Crime Commissioner. At a public meeting, chaired by The Lord Michael Whitby of Harborne, Akaal was joined by Les to discuss the role of PCC in the West Midlands. 


As local residents continue to raise concerns about the chaotic traffic diversions, your local Conservative candidate, Rob Coleman, has been working hard with members of the community to lobby the council and improve the current traffic diversions in Ladywood residential areas.

Conservative Group launches Manifesto

The Birmingham Conservative Group has launched its manifesto for the 2016 local elections, a comprehensive vision for a better Birmingham. It is focused on turning Birmingham around after four years of failure by the Labour Council that has seen 3 independent commissioners and an independent improvement panel overseeing the Council for more than a year.

Armed robbery at One Stop in Longbridge

Local Candidates, for Council Dan Caldicott and Police and Crime Commissioner Les Jones, are shocked to hear of the robbery that took place at the One Stop shop on the Bristol Road in Longbridge Ward on Thursday evening.