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The main concern for residents in Northfield and West Heath since late last year has been wheelie bins.  There have been missed collections with recycling seemingly the worse.  It's outrageous that the assisted collection system for less able residents hasn't been working as it should be and there have also been lots of complaints about bins being left haphazardly after they've been emptied, making life dangerous for those with sight impairments, those on motorised scooters and anyone with young children in pushchairs. 

Everyone loves a good park

Parks and open green spaces reflect and add to the quality of life and general physical and spiritual wellbeing of the surrounding communities and the individuals of all ages that live within proximity to them. There is a wealth of evidence that there are clear health and environmental benefits which derive from them.

Traffic lights for Shenley Lane

For many years Councillor Eddie Freeman (Weoley) has been working with his colleagues in Bartley Green to convince Birmingham City Council that safety improvements needed to be made at the junction of Shenley Lane, Gregory Avenue and Long Nuke Road.  

Conservatives pick Les for police election

A Dudley Councillor has been picked by the Conservative Party as their candidate for West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner. Party activists in the region gave the nod to Les Jones, 60, following a special meeting at the Knowle Royal Britsh Legion Club in Solihull.

Rob Coleman launches petition to improve recycling in Ladywood

Local Ladywood campaigner and prospective Conservative candidate, Rob Coleman, has launched an online petition calling on Birmingham City Council to overhaul the way household recyclable waste is collected from the city’s residential blocks and high rise flats.


Birmingham’s Labour Council has announced a new policy to start building on parks in the city. Labour plan to take 8 acres EVERY YEAR from our city’s parks and use it for house building. So far they have not named which parts of which parks will be the first to go under the bulldozer. 

Park transformation

The three Conservative Councillors for New Hall, Cllrs David Barrie, Ken Wood and Alex Yip have been teaming up with Jaguar Landrover (JLR) workers, local businesses, residents, council staff and members of the Jones Wood Friends group to transform a local wooded area into a accessible park. 


We hope you have enjoyed the festive season and wish you a very Happy New Year!Your Birmingham Conservatives!