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Scrap Labour's unfair £35 garden waste tax

The Labour-run City Council is now charging households £35 to collect our garden waste. We'll eventually be provided with a wheelie bin (which will hold around three of the current sacks) and we won't be allowed to put out any extra. To put out more than this, we'll be required to buy more wheelie bins.

Fly tipping in Birmingham on the up under Labour

Angry Birmingham residents are noticing fly tipping is on the increase across the city. One recent account was at Frankley Reservoir in Bartley Green, where some people have decided that due to Labour’s £35 garden waste tax, that they will simply drive to the nearest area of countryside and dump their garden waste.

Lifford Lane Tip at breaking point

Residents who want binmen to cart-off their grass cuttings now have to pay £35, those who don’t buy into the scheme face trips to the tips. To date, only 20,000 of the city’s 400,000 householders have forked out the fee.

Largest ever City Wheelie Bin Survey shows 76.5% against, while Council survey of 248 people will see £65 million scheme rolled out City wide

Over the last year Birmingham Conservatives have been carrying out a survey of residents views on Wheelie Bins across many parts of Birmingham. The survey which was generally completed by hand but which was also available online has now shown conclusively that residents oppose the introduction of Wheelie Bins across Birmingham. Over 17,000 households have responded to the Conservative party survey, with more than 13,000 households opposing the introduction of Wheelie Bins. 

Lib Dems dream of a Brussels FBI

A Liberal Democrat MEP’s enthusiasm for giving even more powers to the EU has seen him call for it to have its own FBI-style law-enforcement agency - with sweeping powers to intervene in criminal investigations across the continent

Get involved: become a councillor

Becoming a local councillor is a great way to change your local community, find out how you can become a local candidate.

MEP: Workers needed for British farms

Anthea McIntyre MEP has trumpted the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme and echoed calls for new workers for the British agricultural and horticultural industries.