Conservatives welcome PM's commitment to allow Grammar Schools to expand

The Conservative Group on Birmingham City Council welcomes the comments from Prime Minster Theresa May and School’s minster Nick Gibb, reaffirming the Government’s commitment to allow the expansion of existing Grammar Schools, including to satellite sites. Speaking at a reception for the Friends of Grammar Schools campaign group in Westminster on 16 October, the PM said 'The Government will continue to support the expansion of good and outstanding selective schools, where additional school places are needed.'

Councillor Matt Bennett, Shadow Cabinet Member for Children, Families and Schools said:

“Grammar Schools in Birmingham significantly outperformed fee paying Independent Schools in last years A-Level results and continue to perform top of national league tables for GSCE attainment. But demand far outstrips supply; there is currently space for only one in every 5 pupils competing for a place in the 8 Birmingham Grammar Schools.”

The Conservative Group are committed to supporting the expansion of good school places of all types in Birmingham, and believe that Grammar Schools are an essential part of that mix. Councillor Robert Alden, Leader of the Group said:

“We believe that everyone should be able to go as far as their talent and hard work can take them. For too long, lack of access to quality schools has acted as break on the achievements and aspirations of children from different social and economic backgrounds. Grammar Schools in Birmingham have led the way in educational attainment and social mobility, but Labour’s dogmatic objection to selective education denies more bright children from disadvantaged background from accessing the opportunities this can bring.”