Protest demands Labour Council drops plans to move to fortnightly refuse collections


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Ahead of the Labour Council Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, a protest has been held demanding that the Labour Cabinet axe their plans to adopt a new waste strategy which recommends a business plan based on one of two forms of fortnightly Collections.

The future waste strategy cabinet report, in section 7, recommends the Council adopt one of two options from January 2019 when the current Energy from Waste (EfW) plant contract ends.

The options appraisal carried out by Labour, and hidden from other political parties until now, recommends either extending the life of the current EfW plant in Tyseley for 15 years then using other facilities going forward with fortnightly refuse and recycling collections, or a new EfW with fortnightly refuse and recycling collections.

Labour's options matrix has ruled out food waste collections and weekly refuse collection systems from 2019.

Cllr Robert Alden, Leader of the opposition on Birmingham City Council said "the Labour administration has to come clean with residents of Birmingham. Labour are forcing through a cabinet report that clearly states the only two options they recommend for collections are fortnightly refuse collections from 2019 in Birmingham. Labour should come clean with residents and say why they want to scrap weekly refuse collections from 2019".

Robert added "the strength of feeling amongst residents is clear the Labour administration must axe their plan for fortnightly refuse collections from 2019 and promise to retain weekly refuse collections for the whole of the next Council four year term".

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