Voices of World War 1 Exhibition

As Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group, Councillor Debbie Clancy attended the launch of the Voices of World War 1 exhibition in the Library of Birmingham on 4th October 2018. November 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the armistice of the Great War. To commemorate this, the Voices of War & Peace WW1 Engagement Centre (University of Birmingham) and the Library of Birmingham organised this exhibition showing work that has been carried out by regional community organisations since the commemorations began in August 2014. The exhibition focuses on untold stories or new knowledge that has surfaced through the invaluable research done in communities.  All of the projects included were funded through the Heritage Lottery Fund's First World Ward.  Then and Now grants programme. Each one has enriched and expanded knowledge about the First World Ward. The exhibition is on the Gallery, 3rd Floor of the Library of Birmingham.