Patrons Club News

Birmingham Patrons Club held a very successful event to celebrate 150 days of a Conservative majority Government recently. 

Our speaker was Craig Tracey MP for North Warwickshire who spoke about his experiences of taking up his seat for the first time. He told guests that it was a really exciting time to be involved, of his focus on business, enterprise and promoting women leaders in Parliament and of the early successes in his constituency making a difference on dangerous roads. 

A funny story he told was that on arriving in Westminster for the first time, he had been given 3 things - a parliamentary pass, a coat hanger and a sword! He said he has yet to use the sword - although no doubt there must be many temptations at times!

It was wonderful to welcome friends old and new to the event. Please contact Chair Rachel Maclean on to find out more about how to join! 

Our Birmingham Patrons Club (BPC) exists to raise funds to support fighting local and parliamentary elections in the City. We are surrounded by many Conservative MPs but in order to achieve sustainable long term Conservative government, we really need to make progress in our great, second City. This will only be achieved by starting to work hard early on in our local areas, putting in place great local campaigners, and most of all building our local campaigning base. The BPC is a force which will back election campaigns. 

Membership of BPC is open to anyone who is interested in seeing Conservatives winning local government and parliamentary seats in Birmingham - you do not necessarily have to live or work in Birmingham. Members are drawn from all walks of life, ages and areas, and we are very friendly and always welcome new members!

Our program of events includes both social events, dinners, drinks and lunches, as well as the opportunity to be invited at short notice when senior Government ministers are visiting the City. Its a brilliant opportunity to meet senior members of the Government and hear first hand about their work on our behalf.