Birmingham's recycling petition

Cllr Lisa Trickett: Roll-out 1100L dumpsters to all city apartments and flats to help boost Birmingham's recycling capability

A petition by the residents of Birmingham to Councillor Lisa Trickett

The petitioners of the City of Birmingham declare that; In the past 12 months Birmingham has seen 6% less recyclable household waste collected per resident than in 2014. 

Currently, waste in high rise residential blocks is collected in 240L or 360L ‘household’ blue recycling bins. This is because the city's recycling fleet are not outfitted to collect dumpsters. However, this significantly impacts upon local resident’s ability to recycle a greater quantity of waste, due to fact that these smaller bins occupy more space, and accommodate for less waste than the 1100L dumpsters. 

For that reason, we encourage the council to make 1100L dumpsters available to residents in high-rise flats and apartments throughout Birmingham to increase recycling capacity; and further call upon the council to ensure investment is made in new technologies  to upgrade recycling refuse trucks and accommodate the collection of these larger bins.