Have Your Say On The E-Scooter Trial

We want to hear your views on the E-Scooter trial, run by Voi, in Birmingham. This comes after it has been announced that there will be an expansion of the e-scooter trial in Birmingham to include areas north of the current operational area to accommodate the anticipated increased demand during the Commonwealth Games.

The expansion will provide an additional transport option during the Games and beyond, allowing more people access to e-scooters, capturing more types of journeys, and serving longer links in the city. The expansion is expected to go live in the last week of June.

The areas where e-scooters currently operate, the proposed area for expansion for the Games, and Birmingham’s wards can be seen following the link below.

E-Scooter Mapping

Additionally, should you be made aware or witness any issues with the e-scooters, the most effective way to report a them is via Voi’s online portal, following the link below:


This form asks for key information that allows the Voi fleet management team to act swiftly to resolve any issues reported, and, if necessary, issue fines to the e-scooter users that have caused the issues. There is also a phone number and email address where reports can be made, provided below.

email: uk.support@voiapp.io

phone: 0800-3768179

Voi Scooter Trial

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Since their introduction in Birmingham, have you used one of the Voi E-Scooters?
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