Help stop local homes being turned into HMOs in our area. Sign our petition now!

More and more family homes are being turned into bedsits and flats. These are known as Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs). If you want to put an end to it, then why not sign the petition? 


At the moment, homes can be turned into Houses of Multiple Occupation without permission. That means turning family homes into bedsits and flats. 


And residents are worried that this is taking homes away from families who might have been able to afford them. 


Not only that, the converted houses often don’t meet minimum room standards. So the new flats aren’t even suitable. 


We tried to pass a new rule – which would have forced landlords to get permission before they converted their houses. But the Labour Council previously vetoed the rule getting passed. 


Now we have secured a consultation and need your support to help secure this rule change. If you don’t want more and more family homes being turned into bedsits and flats, then sign our petition. 


Together, we can put pressure on the Council to take action. The more signatures we get in response to this consultation from residents like you, the more pressure we can put on the Council to take action.

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We the undersigned are concerned about the increase in family housing being converted to Houses of Multiple occupation (HMOs) across Birmingham. Often this is done without planning permission using permitted development rights. Therefore we support the introduction of an article four directive and call on Birmingham City Council to introduce an article four directive to limit the conversion of houses into HMOs and to place covenants on all land and housing that Birmingham City Council disposes of, including right to buy properties, preventing their later conversion to HMOs and for the Government to introduce legislation to prevent the conversion of houses to HMOs without planning permission.

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