Keep Birmingham's roads open

Birmingham's roads are routinely closed off due to roadworks. While these works are necessary and needed, the length of time our roads are often closed is unreasonable. At Birmingham Local Conservatives, we are calling for the implementation of a Lane Rental Scheme! 

The Government considers that well-designed and well-targeted lane rental schemes, which need to be focused on the most critical parts of the highway network and with charges applying only at the busiest times, should encourage those undertaking works (including highway works) to carry out their works in a less disruptive manner. For example, where appropriate and consistent with protecting public safety, schemes could provide real financial incentives that encourage works promoters to:

  • reduce the length of time that sites are unoccupied, hence reducing total works durations;
  • improve planning, coordination and working methods to maximise efficiency;
  • carry out more works outside of peak periods, reopening the highway to traffic at the busiest times (e.g. by plating over their excavations) and/or making greater use of evening or weekend working where the local environmental impact is acceptable;
  • optimise the number of operatives on site to enable works to be completed as quickly as possible;
  • complete works to the required standard first time, and with permanent reinstatements, reducing the need to return to the site to carry out remedial works.

In short, we'd charge those companies who close off roads a penalty for everyday a road is closed for longer than it should be! We want the money raised from this to be ringfenced for roadworks and improvements.

Lane Renting

Do you support the introduction of Lane Renting in Birmingham?