Save Birmingham's Cultural and Heritage Assets!

With the news that Labour has effectively bankrupted Birmingham due to their dangerous negligence comes worries for our city's future. Not only for the services that will be impacted, and the finances of private residents should council tax rise, but also - importantly - the future of the city's cultural and heritage assets. Talk of "fire sales" has many of us rightly worried about those cultural assets owned by the Council, including the Council House, Aston Hall, & Sarehole Mill, to name a few of many. We believe that these places must be protected, as they were gifted to the people of Birmingham to be enjoyed in perpetuity, not flogged off to bail out a Labour administration that can't balance its books. 


To this effect, we have written to the Labour cabinet and launched the attached petition. Please sign and share!


Letter from Cllr Darius Sandhu to Saima Suleman

Theatres, orchestras, museums, galleries and libraries serve as the vibrant core of our city and its suburbs. They not only foster economic growth but also unite our communities. Many of these cultural assets were gifted to the people of Birmingham to be enjoyed in perpetuity. From providing an escape for many, an attraction for those who want to come here and a shining example of what our city is and stands for, these cultural and heritage assets must be protected. Tick the box to include your signature on the petition.

Save Birmingham's cultural and heritage assets

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