Birmingham MP celebrates local health charity's 16th year

Andrew Mitchell MP has visited Banners Gate Counselling Centre, a local Sutton Coldfield health charity, to catch up on progress made in the Centre’s sixteenth year and to voice his continued support to Director, Madeline Partridge and her voluntary counselling team.

Conservatives join all-party delegation to Number 10 to promote Birmingham

The Conservative Group will be represented as part of an all-party delegation from Birmingham to Number 10 to seek the best possible deal for Birmingham, Councillor Robert Alden has announced this week.  The Government has already kick-started the local ecomony with £100m additional funding and the Conservative Group will head to Number 10 to ensure Birmingham continue to get the best deal.

Candidates set out PCC priorities

Matt Bennett and Joe Tildesley set out their priorities ahead of the open primary for the Conservative nomination for the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Erdington Jubilee Big Lunch Party

Erdington Councillors, Robert Alden, Gareth Moore and Bob Beauchamp, have announced a Jubilee Big Lunch Party on 3 June with the help of the Erdington Town Centre Partnership and Erdington Constituency officers.

Birmingham's Broadband Boost

Malcolm Harbour MEP welcomes the recent announcement that Birmingham is to receive money from a £100million pot of Treasury cash to make the city 'super-connected.