Our One City vision for Birmingham

Over the last decade Birmingham has seen much investment in the city centre from the Bull Ring and new Library to the recently opened Grand Central. However too often suburban areas have not benefited from that investment. Across Birmingham too many people have to move out of their neighbourhood or the city altogether in order to secure a job or a home. 


In recent years litter has been allowed to build up across our streets, potholes fill our roads despite the Council having £1 million a week from the Government to fix them. The costs of waste collection have spiralled out of control yet many collections fail to take place on time, if at all. The amount of waste sent to landfil has grown exponentially under Labour. At the same time children's services continue to fail the young people of our city. 


Birmingham City Council is being attacked for having no vision of how our city could be, while the ruling Labour Group spends more time worrying about infighting than they do about fixing the mess they have created on the City Council.


Birmingham Conservatives however are determined that it doesn't have to be this way and have launched our own vision for Birmingham City Council going forward. Leader of the Conservative Group Cllr Robert Alden said "we our outlining our vision statement for one City, where every resident has hope. A City which delivers aspiration, opportunity and security for all residents".


Birmingham Conservatives One City vision:-

One city which provides aspiration, opportunity and security for all residents, no matter where they are born; through the delivery of world class, cost-effective public services for all residents. Our one city should enable everyone to have the security and comfort of a job and their own home, and help everyone to reach their full potential.


Local residents and businesses can have their say by filling in the survey below:-